Sunday, April 24

5 sweet months with Ward

my oh my...I cannot believe that we have been blessed with this baby for the past 5 months! how is Ward already rolling all over the place and scooting around his crib. Just before his 5 month birthday his first tooth popped through his gums! He still loves bath time and his kick piano...he giggles when myers and wilson lick his hands and he grabs them to say hello. he still puts everything in his mouth and rubs his gums on everything. he also loves his teachers, ms. victoria & ms. n'kyna and is almost one month in to daycare! ...and I almost forgot...he sits :) 

Thursday, March 24

4 months old

how is my little doodle bug already 4 months old!? he loves knowing that he has feet now and grabbing for them. he is a master roller both in the crib and on the floor {hence the chapped cheeks}. he loves his girlfriend, sophie the giraffe and squealing/chatting all the time. his favorite toys are still his activity mat and his kick & play piano but has also figured out how to sit up and play his other musical toys as well. anything in his hands {or just his hands} goes directly into his mouth. he's figured out how to pet the dogs {myers loves that there are two more hands to pet her}...cannot wait to see what we learn during this next month, especially since he starts daycare Monday!

Friday, March 4

a few of our favorite {bath} things...

Ward loves his bath we'd love to share his favorite bath time products in hopes that they are helpful for others!
favorite cradle cap brush...our kid has some awesome hair! Part of the non-greasy, off the scalp look I give credit the to Bean b Clean brush. Its super soft and you use it in the tub! As you shampoo the hair, you scrub {gently} on the head counter clockwise and then clockwise.

favorite tub...we love this angel care tub! #1 boy Davis loves to go tee tee in the tub and I cannot imagine him sitting in water with that all around him. one thing that we do to take the chill off the tub is wash it down with warm water first so that its not super cold when he hops in! he loves relaxing in the tub!

favorite washcloths {for the face}...these are the best washcloths for baby's face. they are super soft on one side and have a little texture on the other in case you have some dry skin you'd like to work on with a washcloth. they wash up nicely and roll back up after they are washed and died.

favorite hooded towels & wash cloths {for the body}...three martha's hands down! these are adorable towels and large enough to cover up your whole baby. these will transition nicely into toddler years and of course I love that they leave a perfect place for a monogram! the washcloths have just enough scrub to help exfoliate the body!
favorite shampoo/body wash...noodle & boo 2-in-1 hands down is the best smelling shampoo around! it also is great for babies with sensitive skin and is dermatologically tested.

favorite bath luxury...we live in an old house and maybe new homes have this problem too but the water temp fluctuates some and what feels like perfect bath temp to me is in the red zone on this super helpful bath thermometer by 4 moms! no, it doesn't impede your normal tub/shower use. it also is super easy to read (both fahrenheit and celsius) reads/changes quickly. such a great treat and suggestion from one of my besties!

other fun bath items worth looking into...nail brush

Friday, February 26

swaddle transition

my acrobatic son has talents to do the craziest things in his crib...most impressively he turns circles inch-bugging around in his sleep sack. we started in the lovely miracle blanket...worked miracles until the little inch bug scooted his way all the way to the top of his crib and ended up with it around his neck like a scarf! the next day the miracle blanket was out and the halo sleep sack swaddle blanket was in! after his 360's in the crib, per our doc it was time to start transitioning out of the swaddle before we had a flipper!
night zero...
as I went to bed one Monday night, I had the "great" idea that our calendars were aligning with the stars and that tomorrow we would begin operation swaddle drop.

day{time} one...
normally Ward's first nap is the best nap of the day...until you allow him to have access to one arm. I as rationalized how great of an idea this was {he can help himself put his own pacifier back in, he can use his hand to suck on} it was actually horrible {he can't reach the pacifier, he's wondering what in the heck his arm is doing out of the swaddle}...he lasted one hour {& so did I}...and so the day went on with crying and crying and crying during naps. he would fall asleep as soon as you picked him up and then as soon as you lay him down...tears {for Ward too ha}.
post bath/ready for one arm swaddle for bedtime!

night {time} one...
and action...go bath time! every night we do a bath and then eat and then bed. we also wake up for a 10PM-ish dream feed. I used all the good vibes I could get even putting his cross onesie on him...but seriously we said some big time prayers for rest for all before we started the routine. bedtime went well {I am typing this on night one and feel like I'm about to jinx myself for merely typing this} as soon as there was some moderate shhh-ing around the room he was out and I crept out the room backing up slowing and swearing under my breath as I tripped over two dog toys.
sneaking in to check it out for myself! shhh!!!!
days two and three...
naps never seemed so short but night times went like a charm! it may have been that I failed to consult the "wonder weeks" app to see that this was a "stormy" week for Ward which is what I'll attribute the stormy naps to!

one stuck little leg but two arms swaddle free!
day/night four...
and then there were none! no arms in the swaddle! I cannot believe that we are doing this after pushing our luck with three peaceful nights but at this point there is no turning back! we used the halo sleep sack still with out any arms tied down (just the velcro around his body). we tried to be sure that we didn't have the velcro too tight because lets be honest, we don't need yet another step to break in this process! the day was still the worst but maybe it just made him a little tuckered out for the night!
i see you mommy!
we did no arms in the velcro swaddle for another five nights. after that we transitioned to the aden & anais sleeping bags. part of me was sick of having to worry about the halo velcro attaching to anything in the washing machine and the other part of me wondered if he'd be getting too hot as the temperatures were rising. we loved the halo fabric but the size small in the halo brand are about 3" or more shorter than the A&A swaddles. we did go for the regular muslin A&A swaddles (not the aden by A&A which are slightly less expensive). I had read a few places that the aden by A&A were a little bit more thin and didn't stand the test of time {or kids active in their sacks}. you can easily search for these if you aren't being pattern picky on amazon for less than the A&A website.

we're officially out of the swaddle and sticking to the sleeping sacks! I'm sure for posting this we will have a horrible four month sleep regression but hope you get inspired to take a chance at dropping the swaddle!
a side sleeper with no arms in! just in time to drop the swaddle on his 3 month birthday!

Wednesday, February 24

3 of the happiest months!

happy 3 months with Ward! what a fun time it has been! these days fly by and even more so that I am officially back to work! Ward loves his hands, link toys, looking at himself in the mirror, and sticking his tongue out! in honor of him being three months old he gets to use his passport for the first time this month! what a honor it is to be your mommy! love you little doodle bug!

special thanks to gram/gigi for making his applique monthly shirts! so fun to pick out fun fabrics and fonts for them each month!