Wednesday, June 24

Sid Strikes Again!

My family is incredibly handy! my mother has sewn for me since I was a child and still keeps busy with her own monogramming/sewing business and my "pro bono" work {just wait until you see the nursery & new bedroom to do list}. My father has been a part of building every house we've ever lived in and crafts everything from picture frames to amazing cutting boards & trivets to stunning furniture.

In every room of this house lives a piece created just for me by Sid...most recently my new bathroom vanity. I loved a Kohler vanity that I saw at the Ferguson's show room here in Atlanta. Only a few problems...1) it had a very large single door {24" swing}, 2) it only came in dark, dark brown & 3) it had some very interesting wooden decorative blocks on the legs.
this is what I liked from Kohler
For the bathroom we had some criteria we needed to keep {thanks to Carrie the Great aka one of my besties who happens to me an amazing designer} was a narrow sink so that things didn't start feeling too big in a small bathroom. That pretty much leaves two choices...pedestal sinks {which Joe detests} or long narrow beautiful $2500+ sinks {out of budget for baby & guest bathroom at Greenview}.

Sid made tweaks to the Kohler vanity to customize it to our liking! Two divided doors with slow close hinges {picture a 3 year old boy slamming the bathroom vanity doors}, no decorative leg do-dads and custom color job! I did the painting {ugh} but it was actually a great experience!

Graciously, Sid delivered the vanity sanded {phew} and ready to paint! I went to the Benjamin Moore store with my color cards that Carrie & I had chosen a week or so prior. My goal was to get paint that would be able to handle the wear that is offered in a bathroom of this sort. I also needed it to go on nicely for a non-patient painter {who me?!} and easy to clean up.
As you can tell, Stormy Monday was the color selected
Oil paint with the VOC limits plus clean up was out of the question. Latex didn't seem to be right so we went with the Benjamin Moore Advance. Paints like an oil {long dry time} but cleans up like a latex {soap & water} & isn't nearly as strong smelling as oil. I had read some mixed reviews. Here goes my take on it & what I did.

1) Sand {thanks Sid} Best advice is have someone else sand for you :)

2) Get your tools:
--Brush: I'm the daughter of a Purdy brush lover. However BM doesn't sell those at our store in ATL. I got a Wooster Silver Tip 1.5" angled brush. It was nice to have a small brush--all of mine are 2"+ used for bigger items I've painted in the past.
--Roller: I purchased the Jumbo Wooster Red Feather rollers. They're pink so that was a perk and the guy at BM obviously gathered from our conversation that I'd love these! Apparently they are also the best and the $1 difference between all the rollers at BM, I was willing to "splurge"
--Tray: Typically I think this is a waste of $5 but call me a sucker I got one. I don't know how I would have done the roller without it. I think that I would have used more paint {wasting}
--Other items: You need some ziploc bags to put the brushes into in between coats so that you can put them in the fridge. If you do this, you don't need to clean up in between each one! Also, foil...after you use the paint tray (or even before the 1st time) you can make your own liners for your paint tray so that you don't need to buy 5 of them! Don't forget a drop cloth as well...make sure its about 2x bigger than you think you need it because somehow those droplets of paint tend to get on everything!
--Protection...please keep in mind that painting when pregnant is frowned upon without proper ventilation and protection. Always wear an respirator {not just a small "coffee filter" mask} to avoid inhalation of fumes that are toxic. The Advance paint is low VOC but not zero like many other BM interior paints.

3) Prime: I used BM Sure Seal Latex Primer. One coat. Per the guy at BM...thin is best. You can always sand down a little bit here and there and do a second coat if needed. The Advance has a priming agent in it, but since there was fresh wood...we didn't it to be too thirsty or cover oddly.

4) Paint...slowly...breathing deeply without rushing: I know it sounds crazy but take it from an impatient person when I say...just breathe. Trust me, its a lot easier said than done {especially when you're wearing a respirator} but it made all the difference in the world. The BM Advance paint is meant to dry slowly and help self leaven/cover brush strokes.

Apply very, very think layers of paint. The BM man said he'd rather see three thin than two thick coats. Two is what I did. This paint takes A LONG TIME to dry but at the same time doesn't like to be touched very much. Paint a small area (ex. front of the cabinets) but don't keep going back over the paint and touching what you've already done with the brush. After about 3-4 minutes, the paint already looks tacky/drying. However just like oil paints, the paint time in between coats is 16+ hours.

I cut in the corners of the doors and areas where the legs came together with my brush. Other than that, I rolled everything {very new concept for me}...I did go back with my brush and very lightly and quickly touched up as needed. I also would be very good about catching drops or runs...those are the worst to have to go back and sand.

After 24 hours of drying I would come back (after prime & coat 1 & coat 2) with a piece of 150 grit sandpaper. Any imperfections I saw, I sanded. I did two full coats and then my final was a touch up to two or three small areas that were a little bit more rough than I wanted them to be when it was done.
do not freak out...this is part of the normal drying process!
after stormy monday coat #1
inside of cabinet doors coat #1
vanity coat #2, door fronts coat #1
The bathroom is still under construction but I'll be showing you this when the tile is up and the room is painted! More to come on this fun project! 

Monday, June 22

5 Weeks of Progress!

This past week and a half has been eventful that is for sure! We have been having inspections and our HVAC had some wiring issues that caused the heat to turn on spontaneously. All being remediated but did slow things down a little bit. In the meantime we've been taking care of the bathroom! Out with the old & in with the new! It was crazy to see from one side of the house to the other! It will be so nice to have fresh {non-plaster} walls upstairs!

bathroom is all sheetrocked up! sub floor is down and ready for tile this week! 
the back of the house has fresh hardie plank! few tweaks needed before its ready for painting!
why they have to make hardie plank this horrible yellow color is still a question to me! now i just want the house painted that much quicker!
If you're curious the paint color we have chosen is on the far left of the front of the house just above the green bushes (there are two different shades, its the larger of the two)...Benjamin Moore Grey Owl.

Wednesday, June 17

it's a boy!

It seems crazy to know that Joe & I are expecting our first baby {set to arrive Nov 20th} and that it's a B.O.Y! As fun as it was to find out in early March that we would be blessed with a child, it is even more exciting now to know more about this sweet little one on the way!

Around this time 5 years ago marked the start of our new adventure together...Joe & I bought our first house Memorial Day Weekend 2010. While we were signing our closing documents my parents were waiting by the house with cans of paint and supplies to get started on our touch ups before the hardwood floor experts would be coming in to refinish our hardwood floors. As is sit in my comfy corner chair today with hammering & sawing over my head {plus crazy barking dogs} I am so glad that we will be able to bring Baby BOY Davis home here in November.

In just 5 years we've had more love come into this house than we could have ever asked for...we've celebrated with countless friends in this home more times than I can remember, we've met strangers on our street who would become great friends, we've set family traditions here, we've done our share of laughing here, we've shared our roof with two, four legged "children"...the memories on Greenview are endless. It only made sense that when we thought of the most special place where we'd go to find out what gender our little one would be, that'd we'd stay right here.

In my purse for a few weeks leading up to our "reveal" I had an envelope that would tell us about this latest blessing and it took a lot to keep it sealed! When we received it, we had no roof on our home and until a few weeks ago, didn't have one back on! There were other decisions to be made outside of pink vs. blue...carpet samples to go through, paint chips for the house exterior, HVAC locations & more. When we came back home from the river two weeks ago, we knew it was as good of a time as ever to open it up.
Joe & I each dressed in the color we thought that best suited our guess {pink or blue} and blue is what we wore! We met upstairs to what used to be the guest room & is now affectionately called "the nursery." Inside my infamous pink book {travels everywhere with me} there was an envelope that our fave nurse, Fawn, left for me after our last appointment.

The rest goes quickly...I took the yellow sticky note out of the envelope without peeking...we were going to look together on 3...eyes locked, 3, 2, 1...looking down to see & its a boy!
baby boy on the nursery door!
In that exact same room this little boy will grow up and he will call this same house his home. We cannot wait for our upstairs projects to be completed and for the real fun to begin of bringing Baby Davis home!
Wilson is thrilled and as you can tell from Myers expression she's not so sure about being outnumbered by boys! Both love their cousin Braden though and will be thrilled to have their own baby at home!

As for the gender predictions/old wives tales...
Mayan Calendar...Girl
Chinese Calendar...Boy
Heart Rate...Girl
Morning Sickness...Girl
Eye "V" Test...Boy {i swear this is accurate!}
Gender Dreams...Boy {hilarious ones too}
they're really thrilled I promise! haha but they do put on a really good show!

Thursday, June 11

week 3 renovation recap

this week we have less to show in terms of photos, but lots of successes nonetheless!

  • bathroom vanity completed {thanks Sid}
  • paint colors have been decided for the upstairs & vanity {thanks Carrie!}
  • carpet has been selected, measured & ready to order for the new guest room
  • new back door ordered
  • new locks & knobs for exterior doors, on the way!
  • all bathroom fixtures have arrived
  • of all...roof shingles are on & the crazy blue tarp is off! 
courtesy of Sid! our new bathroom need of primer, paint & knobs! sink top is at the house!
new toilet, sink top, faucet, & shower hardware
some minor framing changes were made to get us back to our construction plan in the closet & office. the floor decking in the new guest room/office/closet have been put in place ready for insulation & sheetrock next week after electrical & framing inspections.
we also had the old guest room completely gutted...bye bye plaster...hello sheetrock! we have fresh insulation coming to the room and windows as well! it will be a new paradise! 
things that still need deciding/on my checklist...
  • new light fixtures for the front porch & top of our stairs landing
  • paint colors & fabrics/bedding for our master bedroom
  • front door & storm door color {5 swatches painted currently}
  • painter {comparing bids}
we cannot wait to keep this progress up! more to come next week! 

Thursday, June 4

week 2 renovation recap

We've had a lot of success this week HVAC & electrical are nearly complete and all necessary parts are in place! We've been updated that the project should be complete by early to mid July! Last week we mentioned that there was going to be rain this week and we lucked out {knock on wood} and had mainly dry days! Our framing is also almost finished minus a few tweaks!

Next to come is inspections & insulation followed by sheetrock! Can't wait until the bathroom starts too!
new HVAC chase coming up from the basement in our closet to add to the upstairs! 
beginning of the tear out of the old guest room! 
look at what we've got underneath!  
my new office!
closet framing starting!  
sweet electrician hard at work! can lights and ceiling fans are in! 
closet looking good {door needs to be widened though}
electrician rough in! 
new room from the back corner of the house! its crazy to think how small this room was before!