Sunday, January 31

new favorite journal

oh how wonderful are these new favorites of mine! my graphic image spiral notebooks that I typically love for my Bible study notes/prayer requests/other inspirational notes have been hard to find. I read more and more about the moleskine cahier notebooks and decided to try them out from Paper-Source. 

in typical "if you give a mouse a cookie" fashion, I immediately realized that they needed to be I asked my sister for some help with that. she made me two cute stickers that I could slap right on the front of my moleskine notebooks and make them my own {she also sells these super inexpensive on Etsy}. 

after I realized how cute these notebooks looked, I decided I wanted a leather cover for them to be snuggled up in. I took to Etsy & Google in search of a cover. I stumbled somehow across this company, Old Church Works and fell in love! Mike from OCW was super helpful in determining what I needed for my notebooks to be at home. I chose the double moleskine notebook as opposed the the quad. I tell you what, I have never seen such a beautiful leather notebook in my life! I cannot wait to put this to good use! 

Sunday, January 24

two months with ward

happy two months Ward! I cannot believe it was two months ago that we welcomed you into this world! since last month you've found your thumb and try to suck it from time to time, you've perfected your smile/coo/chats with mom, you've realized you have two dogs and love petting {or hitting} them, you're sleeping through the night, and you've filled our hearts with more joy than we could have ever imagined! he giggles when i sing for some unknown reason {probably because its hilarious!} and thanks to aunt landrum's suggestion we have the raffi pandora station on in the afternoons to keep him laughing! he's long & lean...his hair is still there & sticking straight up although its certainly getting lighter and trending towards some strawberry! these past two months have been unforgettable. what did we ever do before sweet baby Ward?!

Thursday, January 21

belated one month post!

in preparation for his two month birthday {1/24/16} i owe it to him to at least post his one month photos as they were so precious! i swear it seems like every morning this sweet baby gets bigger and bigger!

Monday, January 18

patiently enjoying motherhood

Patience is a virtue I'm was not blessed with. I'm convinced God gave me a son to prove to me that it could be done. In just eight of the quickest weeks of my life, Ward has taught me how to slow down. Ward is the smartest...he can sense when any hot meal is on the table {& instantly awakens}, he knows when I'm trying to multitask on my iPhone while feeding him {& loudly demands attention} and he knows when I'm rushing bedtime to try to either get to bed or just sit down {& gives the biggest bright eyed smiles you can't ignore}.
You realize as a mom that there are so many things that you think require fixing because somewhere there is an ideal list of milestones and the image of perfection. As a "fixer" {fancy word for control freak} it began to irk me that there are just so many things I cannot fix...isn't there something in one of these mom-tested solutions books, something the pediatrician can do, something I can Amazon Prime to "fix" any foreseeable problem? Instead of finding a fix, so much of these past weeks have taught me to just wait & see. Wait and see if this is just a growth spurt making him fussy, wait and see if he gains weight the way he's supposed to, wait and see if he can sleep through the night.

If these moments are what you get to enjoy while you wait & see for God to answer your prayers to sleepless nights and awaiting the next big leap, I'll learn to be patient and enjoy the wonder in waiting. It's in the waiting I see the sweetest smiles, comfort the tears, and witness more love showered over a tiny human being. I can't imagine missing these little moments. 

There is something magical in God's plan for this little boy and I'm enjoying not rushing a single second.

Sunday, October 25

the nursery is {finally} complete

how is it that little Ward has already been cooking for over 36 weeks?! some days you feel like you've been pregnant forever and other days you feel like its flown by! our renovation is 100% complete and we are finally enjoying settling down into the house! Ward's room has had little touches from many people. There is one more piece for the wall coming but all in all, whenever Ward decides he's ready we know we are too!

I love the idea of a soft, fresh, calming nursery and was hoping to emulate that for Ward. I also love getting to bring in an extra pop of some color in the crib. Personally not a fan of crib bumpers, instead my mother made some beautiful bolsters that fit perfectly in the ends of the crib. These "throw on the floor pillows" as hubby likes to call them sure do make the crib look inviting!

The crib skirt was one of my favorite fabrics that I found at Lewis & Sheron in Atlanta. A subtle chevron of small rectangles brought in a variety of blues to pull from throughout the room. An indoor/outdoor rug was a must {remember when the sweet puppy ate a red...and a blue...pen on the downstairs rugs}. Personal bragging rights reserved for the precious needlepoint pillow {Patti Mann designs} that was stitched by me for Ward.
 During the renovation we had a wall vent that was there to stay for in Ward's room given the complications of bringing a new vent into this room in addition to the other new vents that were coming upstairs. We had a new, beautiful vent cover put on from Signature Hardware. That however meant that we needed a custom size piece of furniture to fit between the closet and the vent. Sid to the rescue. A beautiful, Pottery Barn Kids inspired piece was created just for Ward!

In the opposing end of the room sits a beautiful yellow rocker & ottoman that was broken in by two other children who hold a special place in our lives. It was a fun pop of color in his blue & white room. The crib skirt fabric was pulled into a small accent pillow. I promise there are now photos in the frames. The white on the wall above the bookcase is the IOU for the frame which is still being crafted on order!

A few of my other favorite things include the needlepoint rocking chair and the wooden "Ward" choo choo train. I'll refrain from any photos of the closet as I'd hate to show evidence of my true weakness {little boys smocked outfits}! All we need now is a little baby boy to make the room truly perfect!

Crib by Jenny Lind
Book Case by Jenny Lind @ Land of Nod
Fabrics @ Lewis & Sheron {Atlanta, GA} and Carousel Designs 
Lamp & Side Table @ Target
Rug @ RugsUSA
Sewing & Monogramming Request @ Sew What Georgia
Paint colors by Benjamin Moore, quality by Sherwin Williams