Sunday, June 26

this is thirty

this is thirty! 

I survived my 20-somethings and the journey through life is really in its prime. for my {grand} entrance into thirty I was showered with love and celebrations by friends and family welcoming me into this new decade...supposedly the best one yet! plenty of adventures are left in cards and I cannot wait to share them! 

Saturday, June 25

over halfway through the year!

how are we over half way to Ward being one? 7 months and spending it up at the river is quite the adventure! He loves crawling faster than we can keep up with! He love his cousin, eating solid food, drinking from a sippy cup & standing up {while pushing down on your hands}...he also likes polar bear kisses and playing with his pups. He's babbling up a storm and the occasional "blah blah" or "da da" comes out of his little mouth!

Tuesday, May 24

6 months already!?

the last six months have been bursting at the seams with belly laughs and quiet giggles, sweet smiles and happy tears! I don't know where this time has gone but I do know that with every day that goes by there is more and more fun in store for us with this sweet baby boy.

six months ago it was a tuesday as well that Ward was born! how fun that this month it falls in the same cadence. this month ward is sitting up {without spitting up ha}, army man crawling around the den and eating "solid" food/purees! he giggles and squeals at himself in the mirror {as well as at the dogs} and has figured out how to cry when his mommy leaves the room! he still loves his puppies, going to school, and anything that makes music.

list of foods Ward has tried & loves:
sweet potatoes
sweet peas
butternut squash
green beans
yellow squash
lima beans
...but he's not the biggest fan of bananas or pears!

Sunday, May 22

the details: baptismal gown

on july 15th, 1978 my parents were married. thirty seven years later, my mother {the good sport she is} put on her wedding dress and it was determined that its future would be as a baptismal gown! the lace was deconstructed by the amazing Ruby V and made into a stunning baptismal gown for sweet baby Ward to be the first child to wear! check out the amazing details that have been adorning the family for generations now! 

Friday, May 20

holy is the Lord, God almighty

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. ~Proverbs 22:6

its been a month since we had Ward's baptism at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church...what a wonderful and momentous occasion! Rev. Karla Daniel, a special minister to us at PRUMC did the honor of baptizing Ward. He was adorned in a baptismal gown hand made by Ruby V here in Atlanta. She deconstructed my mother's 37 year old wedding gown and remade it into such a special baptismal gown for my children! We had a number of other special things monogrammed to commemorate the occasion and remember it always.

"Big Ward" & Jennifer alongside the special baby of the day! 
sleepy buddy who only made a few noises {hiccups} during the service

two of my besties made it in for the occasion driving all the way from South Carolina for an 8:45am church service! 

we had our family & his godparents over to celebrate on Saturday night before hand. Kathi of My Sweet Things did a fabulous cake as she does for all of our special occasions! what a fun weekend was had by all!

Baptism Service Photos Courtesy of Pam Sheldon Photography
Cake: My Sweet Things
Monogramming: Sew What Georgia
God Bless Ward Signage: Crafty Little Piggie
Custom baptism gown: Ruby V Couture