Thursday, June 2

sweet leaf tea

so when we were in seabrook for an amazing vacation last week (see below for evidence) i discovered my new favorite drink...budget permitting. at $1.50 a piece it may be more of a special treat but boy oh boy is it amazing! 

sweet leaf tea out of austin, texas is my fave! i tried the diet seeing as i'm on a diet, and it tasted just like sweet tea and was totally refreshing (before my pina coladas) on the beach. 

below is the back label...which is proof that its as good as i say it is! 

 If you doubt that a zero-calorie sweet tea can taste as good as The Original, ask one of the thousands of people at Austin City Limits Music Festival, where we ran out of The Original Sweet Tea. We served them Diet for a few hours and no one noticed. True story.

find a bottle near you! 

Tuesday, May 31

how to dry hydrangeas

from this month's Southern Living for those of us who live in Georgia highlighted how to dry hydrangeas. i feel like everyone has at least one hydrangea plant in their yard/garden and i always wondered how people maintained the color in the dried ones! 

-use water (to preserve color)...cut blooms off of plant shortly after they peak, remove leaves, and place in a container with water covering 1/2 or less of the stems. after a few days, the water evaporates, drying the flowers. 
-add Rit dye to your hydrangeas in denim blue or royal blue to give deeper color. add a few drops to the water and/or dab the petals with dye to enhance as well.