Friday, August 30

two awesome new wines!

as part of Kate's bachelorette her sweet sister put together a private chef to cook for us! i'll post many of her suggestions and great tips she provided us with. first off though, the wine!!! Chef Melinda [affectionately "Chef Mel"] owner of Culinary Connection was amazing [see below for ways to contact her].

many of our girlfriends aren't too hot for white wine...especially sweet ones. This 2012 Riff Pinot Grigio was legit. an italian, drier, pinot grigio available was how we all classified this that almost drinks like a sav. blanc.  Chef Mel said she was able to get this at Whole Foods in South Carolina and I was able to get it through Tower Beer & Wine off Piedmont Rd in Atlanta. Additionally the distributor online was quick to respond with where to find this in my area! This retails for a great $9.99 a bottle at Tower in Atlanta. 

the other wine that we sampled was a merlot which again, many are predisposed to think this is going to be a less bulky cab or somewhat tangy. the Hyatt merlot that we had was amazing. This Washington State merlot drank like a great pinot noir and we were all big fans! I wish I could say I could have this again soon, however after contacting the distributor, this isn't distributed in Georgia. This is however available per Chef Mel's recommendation at Whole Foods in South Carolina. This wine also retails per Chef Mel's notes between $10-12/bottle. 

Chef Melinda Piercy, Owner of  Culinary Connection

Mel travels to you for you own customized in home chef experience. This can be as hands on as you'd like it to be. She can do anything from sushi classes to sit down dinners. We had a blast getting to know her and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in this great experience! Additionally she isn't available just in Charleston...I can't wait to find a reason to have her come to Atlanta in the future!

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