Thursday, September 22

The 5 O'Clock Club

I am going off on a limb here and starting tomorrow, I am going to be joining the 5 O'Clock Club. As a frequent visitor to one of my favorite blogs, I have been reading about this "club" for a while and now have found that I am ready to join! As someone who loves to be rushing around all day long, I am looking forward to some quiet time and being able to relish in that as well.

Any others wanting to join can read more about it here, 

I love the inspritaional messages this blog has to offer, in addition to the 5 O'clock club...I have found one other bit worthy of a share today...maybe I like this post because I love managing a calendar and effective to-do lists, but I'd also like to see what these women would say the 7 Habits of a Highly Effecitve Man would be too ;-)

7 Habits of the Highly Effective Woman:
1.    She rises early
2.    She maintains the spiritual disciplines
3.    She focuses on relational priorities for every season
4.    She sets up regular times for planning
5.    She develops an effective to-do list system and calendar/planner system
6.    She establishes an efficient routine for managing her home
7.    She organizes her house systematically

Monday, September 19