Thursday, April 14

salad week!

get ready because this weekend i am going to be delivering your next week's menu...all healthy salads for dinners throughout the goal is to get you all a grocery list on Saturday and then you can clip your coupons, grab your sales flyers and get to the grocery store on sunday [don't forget its palm sunday this week]!

i'll post a new salad the day prior to when you can make it so you can have time to get mentally prepared for these super easy and tasty dinners! i guarentee given that lent is still in full swing, that there will be no fried items on the salads [and no tomatoes either].

Wednesday, April 13

get moving!

I am doing my early AM googling and see an article that starts, "If you think running and walking both torch the same number of calories per mile, you better put down that cookie..." sadly I look over my shoulder, no one is there, but I know they're talking to me!!! No more excuses not to be walking as fast as I can or putting some pep in my step for a run daily! Almost one month till my first bathing suit experience of 2011...

Great read just in time for amazing weather/outside time

Tuesday, April 12

new favorite thing...

this past week we finalized our bookings for lindsey and adam's august wedding weekend in new favorite travel assisting website...Bing farecast

for those of you who have never used it, you type in all of your flight info and it produces results comparable to one perk...tells you based on the trends of this flight as well as others, whether to buy, wait, etc and the confidence level (%) that they have with it.  all in all, pretty cool site--Bing told us to buy the flights so we did! so many fun things to look forward to this summer!

Sunday, April 10

happy river day

the girls and wilson enjoying an amazing friday night at the river!