Friday, March 4

a few of our favorite {bath} things...

Ward loves his bath we'd love to share his favorite bath time products in hopes that they are helpful for others!
favorite cradle cap brush...our kid has some awesome hair! Part of the non-greasy, off the scalp look I give credit the to Bean b Clean brush. Its super soft and you use it in the tub! As you shampoo the hair, you scrub {gently} on the head counter clockwise and then clockwise.

favorite tub...we love this angel care tub! #1 boy Davis loves to go tee tee in the tub and I cannot imagine him sitting in water with that all around him. one thing that we do to take the chill off the tub is wash it down with warm water first so that its not super cold when he hops in! he loves relaxing in the tub!

favorite washcloths {for the face}...these are the best washcloths for baby's face. they are super soft on one side and have a little texture on the other in case you have some dry skin you'd like to work on with a washcloth. they wash up nicely and roll back up after they are washed and died.

favorite hooded towels & wash cloths {for the body}...three martha's hands down! these are adorable towels and large enough to cover up your whole baby. these will transition nicely into toddler years and of course I love that they leave a perfect place for a monogram! the washcloths have just enough scrub to help exfoliate the body!
favorite shampoo/body wash...noodle & boo 2-in-1 hands down is the best smelling shampoo around! it also is great for babies with sensitive skin and is dermatologically tested.

favorite bath luxury...we live in an old house and maybe new homes have this problem too but the water temp fluctuates some and what feels like perfect bath temp to me is in the red zone on this super helpful bath thermometer by 4 moms! no, it doesn't impede your normal tub/shower use. it also is super easy to read (both fahrenheit and celsius) reads/changes quickly. such a great treat and suggestion from one of my besties!

other fun bath items worth looking into...nail brush