Thursday, June 4

week 2 renovation recap

We've had a lot of success this week HVAC & electrical are nearly complete and all necessary parts are in place! We've been updated that the project should be complete by early to mid July! Last week we mentioned that there was going to be rain this week and we lucked out {knock on wood} and had mainly dry days! Our framing is also almost finished minus a few tweaks!

Next to come is inspections & insulation followed by sheetrock! Can't wait until the bathroom starts too!
new HVAC chase coming up from the basement in our closet to add to the upstairs! 
beginning of the tear out of the old guest room! 
look at what we've got underneath!  
my new office!
closet framing starting!  
sweet electrician hard at work! can lights and ceiling fans are in! 
closet looking good {door needs to be widened though}
electrician rough in! 
new room from the back corner of the house! its crazy to think how small this room was before!