Saturday, December 25

merry merry merry Christmas

merry Christmas! 
who would have ever imagined there would be this many stockings on our mantle? hopefully you have a good Christmas full of lots of fun things, family bonding, while remembering the true reason we celebrate the is so interesting to hear about everyones family Christmas traditions and how Christmas was done when you were little...

for me however i still request that santa comes every year and no presents appear until the christmas morning...santa still gets milk and cookies and wraps every single one of our presents as well as the contents of our stockings.  sid still sits in his chair and is on wrapping paper clean up duty with his cup of coffee dictating when we take breaks from the festivities. 

monica and jeramy will be here soon and the gift opening will begin.  what a fun year to add in 2 dogs, a husband, and fiance to the guertin mix.  i secretly think sid is just thankful to have 3 boys [including wilson] home for the holidays...merry, merry, merry Christmas! 

Friday, December 24

the most wonderful time of the year

today is one of my favorite parts of Christmas! despite the fact that we have to deal with hectic traffic, heading to Mt. Pisgah for Christmas Eve service is by far one of my favorite things! for some reason the cute sermons always stick with me throughout the rest of the year and seeing how they play joy to the world and hark the herald angel sing how can i resist!?
the Compton's are coming over this year to join us for Christmas Eve church and dinner too!  Percy meets her new "squeaky toy" Wilson for the first time as Sid says! can't wait to open up our traditional Christmas Eve presents...a new Christmas ornament to add to the tree as well as our Christmas pajamas!

Thursday, December 23

play date with joe's besties!

joe's 2 best friends from growing up sanders and william are bonding with us today in montgomery! what a special treat that we get to have some play time with them while we are in town!  hope everyone is enjoying the countdown to Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 22

safe travels

safe travels to everyone who is heading out for the holidays! we are finishing up our last minute packing and heading to montgomery for a few days before coming home to spend Christmas with my family in atlanta.  this will be joe's first guertin holiday which should be lots of fun in itself! wilson is pumped for a car ride and napping in my lap which won't last much longer as he's gained over 2 pounds since we got him weighing 15 lbs on monday at the vet! 

i cannot wait to delve into my "thank you for having me presents" of the typical christmas tree chocolate covered pretzels from fresh market that have been staring me in the eyes for the last few days now! 

Tuesday, December 21

happy tuesday

so there hasnt been lots of cooking [hence slacking recipes] lately with the puppy around...we've been lucky to get dinner in whatever form we can! he do LOVE wilson though and he keeps us on our toes.  he sleeps through the night and hardly makes a peep in the morning which we love too!

tonight at 7:15 he starts puppy school although he's already an expert at sit and lay down with the proper treat incentives! we'll be sure to let you know how his 8 week training course goes! 

for 2011 we are getting back into cooking mode and i cannot wait to try out my slew of new recipes and share them too!

Monday, December 20

happy 1st birthday percy

last year the compton's [germs fam] golden had more puppies and the little one with the pink ribbon around her neck, miss pink, stole mom's heart!  our whole family is so excited to have percy as part of our life! i will take credit for the coercing of my mother and reassuring her that this was a great idea! it really has proven to be and i hope that wilson is half as good as she is.  she is a great mind reader and knows how to "come hug me like i like it" with her head on my shoulder and will let me pull her into my lap like she was before she got to be 70+ lbs.  

happy birthday little miss percy pink!

my favorite baby pic of percy!
percy comes home last year! love that her tongue is out!