Thursday, June 19

spearmint ice cream in the making!

when i think of the best ice cream i've ever had, my brain flashes to this moment in time...spring 2006 brought me and 5 of my best friends to the land down under and Australians surely know how to do ice cream right. The place is Kiwi Cones and the flavor hasn't been found since. 

Spearmint chocolate chip ice cream. 
Its as simple as that [or so i thought] yet i have yet to find anywhere that has or can get spearmint extract. this year, there are no more excuses, i'm determined to make this summertime fave...starting with the spearmint extract itself. so i took it upon myself to cultivate my own spearmint leaves and have started the extract process! 

DIY Spearmint Extract

what you need: 

  • vodka
  • cleaned and dry spearmint mint leaves
  • jam jars

what you do:
take the mint and muddle it/open the leaves flavors up while in the jam jars. add vodka to the jam jars so that the leaves are fully covered. close up the jam jars and ensure that the leaves are still covered and place in a cool, dry place (under kitchen sink, in pantry, etc) for about a month. at the month mark, open them up and test the extract. if its not minty enough, close those suckers back up and keep them going.

my mint is still marinating and i will let you know how my spearmint extract goes as soon as its a bit further along! mine has been going for nearly a month now!

since we're on the topic of are a few of our other faves :) 

Tuesday, June 17

happy 1/2 birthday myers!

is this sweet girl really 6 months old already?! where does the time go! happy 1/2 birthday myers! 

Sunday, June 15

happy fathers day Sid!

happy fathers day're the greatest!