Thursday, May 9

Monday, May 6

fresh produce delivered in atlanta

in support of eating healthier, trying new veggies, and giving back to local communities we have started to receive fresh harvest deliveries every other tuesday at our house. every tuesday a rubbermaid bin appears around lunchtime and is filled with ice packs/blue ice and amazing veggies. the site where you can see more details about whats included is

we get a mini bin and it has been so much fun! in the event that you are not adventurous [guilty] you can swap things out for other items also available that week. if you note you are referred by someone [ali davis] you can then receive 50% off your first bin...after that every time you refer someone, you also get 50% off. 

the food is local when it can be and all organic and fresh! we have been more than benefit ministries in south Atlanta use the group code "marketplace" for a portion of the money to be donated to charity!

week 1 delivery! YUMMY!!!

look at that head of lettuce!!! & those mini watermelons!