Saturday, November 23

Ohio Bound!

Last night we had a casual going away party for Rachel & Patrick! They will surely be missed but the midwest [Ohio] will be getting two awesome people! 

all the state maps from Atlanta to Ohio served as the table decor! 
guests signed the inside cover of the new Garden & Gun book, The Southerner's Handbook...some things those midwesterners may need to read for themselves! Great coffee table book

Tuesday, November 19

china cabinet refresh!

I cannot contain the excitement on this one! We were gifted 1960s Ethan Allen yellow furniture a few years ago and have enjoyed its classic craftsmanship. In researching about the pieces, I came across a really cool newspaper ad from July 20, 1960 which you should look at too just because old newspapers & prices are fun to see! Lawrence Journal 1960

Our modular pieces were two full size dressers, a corner desk & chair, and two small hutches with a single drawer & double door cabinet underneath. In the past these daffodil [read: yellow] hutches graced our living room and dining room. We recently replaced for art in our living room but the china still needed a home in our dining room.

After successfully having a blast with the Annie Sloan chalk paint in the kitchen, I knew I would take on the challenge...painting over the yellow and modernizing this piece for us! The true test for the ASCP was the laminate top. I had been given tons of advice from many not paint this or it will be ruined...sanding, stripping, and all sorts of other chemicals were involved in getting the laminate seal off the top of the dressers.

With zero prep work (I did wipe down the furniture with a damp paper towel ha) 2 coats of French Linen ASCP, 1 coat of clear wax, 1 coat of dark wax glaze (equal parts dark wax & non-enviroment friendly mineral spirits) later we have success!!! The back of the cabinet I antiqued in Old White (2 coats as well) with the clear wax and dark wax glaze. I certainly would not recommend the dark wax glaze if you're the perfectionist or want a solid matte color. However for the purposes of this piece it turned out so awesome!!!!

The original hardware which I was convinced would not work is back on the piece! I wish I had the space to have the 2nd hutch side by side to this one but for now, one will have to do! I guess Joe can have his workshop in the basement back until I find something else to paint!