Saturday, October 23

come home paisley

i want her to come home...why do i always want the things i can't have :(

Friday, October 22

the Law

so i have a new found understanding for the 10 commandments and their meanings...for some reason i always thought they were black and white and the answers were all there.  little did i know until wednesday night i was very wrong. i have a new understanding of all of them and a new list of things to work on as i am no longer checking off as many items on the list as i previously though...

  • have no other gods before me...have no other gods or idols or even priorities other than praising and make that a daily priority and the person you turn to
  • worship no idols...don't worship physical or worldly things 
  • dont use the Lord's name in vain...don't use profanity but equally important dont use the Lord or being a Christian as an excuse for anything or passing the blame
  • reserve the sabbath & keep not have endless work and productivity--make a point to keep some time holy even if its not a whole day
  • don't bear false witness...this includes embellishing, lying, filling in the blanks in stories, gossiping, etc
  • honor your mother and father...and all elders & all other mothers and fathers and respect differences 
  • don't steal...ideas, things, peoples thunder, the spotlight, or anything that isn't your own
  • don't commit adultery...this one is pretty clear without much dilly dallying...includes emotional and mental thoughts that should be shared for your husband/wife
  • don't covet anything of your all creates jealously and envy, measuring yourself against others haves and have content with what you have been blessed with
  • don't murder...not just people & animals but also the spirit and well-being of others

one thing that i found the most compelling and probably the most that an elder in our church says you only need to follow two of the 10 commandments and you'll by reaction follow the rest of the commandments...
the magical two are...

**"Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy" Exodus 20:8

**"You shall not covet your neighbors house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor." Exodus 20:17

did i mention i love wednesday nights @ PRUMC!

Thursday, October 21

we've made it a week! happy silver sunday!

one post i left in draft stage haha--posting about 5 days later....

happy silver sunday...AGAIN! i've made it a week which is better than the last time i attempted at this blogging thing...and in a week i've managed to get three followers however i think i'm skewing my numbers because one of them is my other email account!

i know the answer to life's questions about how to survive as a 20-something...the age where people have a hard time taking you serious at work yet you're too old to be in college still...where there is a really fine line between maturity and immaturity...when everyone you know is in a different stage of life.  i was reminded as i was driving back from the airport that the key to surviving your 20's [and beyond] is by having amazing friends.

linds was just here for the afternoon and what a spoiling treat that was. two times in three months to be visiting with her is unreal and amazing! after traveling to portland to go to jill & kyle's wedding it was surely going to be next year before we got to see lindsay again! brunch at murphy's which is one of my favorite restaurants these days was to die for great.

as for tonights silver sunday at this point i don't care if we eat cereal with silver spoons! i think thought that we will have something yummy but eas

Tuesday, October 19

Sunday, October 17


one of my [secret] favorite things to do is writing.  go in our basement and you will find a box of seven white binders (lindsay you still have yours) that contains one of my prized possessions that im fairly sure even joe has no clue exists.  roth is still sitting and waiting [haunting me] hoping for me to come and pick it back up. i still can remember when i said, i will finish this before i turn 21, i will finish this before i move to atlanta, i will finish this before i get married...none of which have actually gone through. maybe i haven't been on a long enough airplane ride to really get my mind going lately...

so its all there in 200 typed pages of the roughest draft i think anyone could construe and now i wish i had a friend who was an editor and would do me a huge favor by getting out a bright red pen and tear it to pieces and drawing big question marks and circles saying this makes no sense.

maybe now i'm going to really put my foot down...two choices are in front of me, either you finish it or forget about it...if you're going to finish it, you'll do so before you get that puppy! or maybe it will take a puppy to inspire me some more...

its the one thing i can't get off my legal pad to-do list...ill go ahead and say, im not going to survive my 20 somethings without finishing for realistic deadlines i'll shoot for 30. surviving the start of my 20s did however start in a jail cell of a room, half way across the world, crammed on the most uncomfortable bed ever with your 5 best friends in front of the sorriest excuse of a honeywell with a box of tissues and chomping teeth...boy oh boy has dr. edwards come a long way from australia!