Saturday, June 23


you can always tell by the flowers in the guest room who it is that is you only need one guess to figure out who is here this weekend! 

Friday, June 22

ah the memories...

do you ever have a certain photo of someone in mind every time you think of them? these are some that come to my mind...
this is probably the best photo i've ever seen of my grandmother...oh how happy she was
when you think of your favorite people...of course sanders comes to mind and even though he's not my uncle, i somehow always manage to hear hill saying "uncle sanders" when i see him
no words can describe the joys of words can describe the horrible color of those walls  & floors either!!! thank goodness this is the only photo we have of them! 
the joy of being by your best friends on their most important days
& of course, letting your kid swim for the first time ever ;-) even if he's wearing a life vest! 

Thursday, June 21

happy birthday daddy!

happy birthday daddy!