Wednesday, June 15

best beach reads

with my 4th of july beach trip coming up i've got to get all my summer reading in order. i've been researching the top rated beach books for 2011 (not all published in 2011) as well as some more serious reads and would love to hear comments back as well! my list below is as follows!

-The Art of Racing in the Rain by George Stein
-The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards
-Bossypants by Tina Fey
-Two Kisses for Maddy by Matt Logelin

other classics i have on my shelf to borrow are...
-Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
-The Help by Kathryn Stockett

any other worthy suggestions?

Monday, June 13

homemade pesto

yummy summer meals coming into full swing! my home grown basil has made us a few yummy meals but this is my first pesto of the season
what you need...
2 cups packed basil
1/4 cup pine nuts
2 cloves of garlic
2/3 cup olive oil
salt/pepper (to taste)
1/3 cup parmesan cheese
pesto in action
what to do...
put the basil, pine nuts, and garlic in your food processor...pulse until they are all chopped up nicely. add 1/2 cup of the olive oil, salt, and pepper. blend until smooth. add the cheese and blend some more. if you are using it right now, you add the rest of the olive oil...if you're using later, add the rest of the oil just before use.
end product! scrumptious pesto!!!

Sunday, June 12

the future mrs. david caldwell!

so happy for ali poole! a quick trip to greenville yesterday allowed me to celebrate with ali poole in her engagement! so excited for ali & david!!! come june 30, 2012 we'll have another married bestie!!!!