Monday, October 1

the faves: wine country

so for those of you who aren't into reading long blog posts, seeing lots of photos, or hearing me talk about my favorite things...this is not for you! for those interested in wine, traveling to Napa in the near future, or are just plain curious to see how my vacation was, read on!

here are the top 3 places that we visited in napa (wineries that is) & you'll notice they all are the same thing from the same mountain (& guess what, the vintage was my fave too across the board). All of these you have to contact the wineries to get however...unless you're lucky enough to be invited over for a glass when we pop these bottles.

Spence Wines
Howell Mountain, Angwin, California
Cabernet only

Close your eyes & imagine sitting on the back porch at your best friend's house. Now add vineyards as far as your eyes can see & just at the end some mountains with the sun setting behind them. Now open your eyes & find yourself at Spence & guess what...the owner feels like she's your best friend and you are sitting on her back porch with the same setting! What a treat!

Allen & Jacalyn Spence, the vintners, were not just hospitable but they also welcomed us into their home to try some of their greatest wines from 2006 (best of course if you know much about Napa wine--which I now do ha) through 2009. All 4 vintages of course were great. 6 bottles, 4 reserve and 2 white label, made it back to Atlanta.

We hit this winery by chance as they do not offer tours nor do they typically offer tastings. We'll call it luck for both sides. We left with a case of wine & they left with 6 of their newest fans.

Bremer Family Wines
Howell Mountain, St. Helena, California
Cabernets, Merlot, Claret & Chardonnay

The first winery we went to and really its a three way tie between the 3 wineries I'm mentioning here. However Bill, did show us a great tour of the facility. He mentioned the word cave & Sid was all over it. 17,000 sq feet of caves and endless bottles of wine, we really did have a blast learning about the wine making process with Bill.

We had a blast here & it really did spoil many of the next wineries we went to as it was by far our favorite of the first two days of wining. To put things in perspective, this was the first red wine any of my sisters & mother drank and actually liked (loved rather). Lets just say they do it right at Bremer. Dear Santa, Sign me up for that wine club please because I only purchased 1 bottle!

Howell Mountain, Napa, California
Cabernet & Sauvignon Blanc

By now you get it...sign me up for any 2006 Howell Mountain Cabernet you can find. Ladera was no different. Although we spoiled ourselves with 2 of these bottles, I wish we had also purchased a bottle of the white. The wine was so great, the gravity method they practice at Ladera was so cool...& so were the vintners we met from Iowa who were there as well!

Sunday, September 30