Saturday, July 28

t-minus 5 months

in exactly 5 months, you can find me here...if i'm lucky linda/bonnie will let me play dress up again this year too & of course, there is always enough snow for "horton hears a who"

Friday, July 27


this is a real simple [magazine] recipe and it is in fact, real simple! we had this at our latest party and it will become a staple!!!

red wine sangria
what you need [for each batch]...
2 cups lemonade [used publix]
1 bottle red wine
1 cup regular [not diet] club soda
1 naval orange sliced
1 pint mixed berries
1 tablespoon sugar

what to do...
mix it all together in a pitcher and let it "think" for a while in the was AMAZING! i also made frozen berry ice cubes which were over the top but they were amazing too! can be made 2 days in advance!

Thursday, July 26

just in time...

just in time for our anniversary! our 2012 christmas ornament is a 2010 wedding cake with our initials monogramed on the back...needlepointed by yours truly!

Wednesday, July 25

beautiful water

i love some beautiful water and have been loving my fresh mint leaves from my garden. recently i made tons of mint ice cubes and they are divine! if you have left over sweet herbs in your garden, do the same! although i think mint & lavender would likely be the only two i may venture into!

Tuesday, July 24

Monday, July 23

He Did It!!!

Congratulations to my amazing husband who just finished his MBA program wrapping up his last test in his last class tonight! I am so proud of him!!! Now time for some Brusters Ice Cream Cake & dont worry...Wilson has his own treat too!
Wilson's Treat
This cake is going to last a LONG while for just the 2 of us!