Tuesday, June 26


rehab for the boston ferns which i've managed to scorch! my goal is to see some substantial improvements by july 20th so i don't have to go buy new ones!

here are the befores...i'll show you the afters [if] when they make it!

Monday, June 25

call me crafty: embossing

call me crafty but i promise, this is the coolest thing (maybe tied with needlepoint) that i've done in a while. my sister in law gave me some beautiful notecards for my birthday from a shop in atlanta called paper-source. i had never been there before and they were so pretty that i had to make a stop in myself.

aside from the fact that the store is wall to wall covered in the prettiest papers there was something on the "crafty side" that caught my eye. a brown card with a raised gold scroll. i asked the woman where to find these in the store. she said they are of course i asked. to which i was surprised to find out was embossing. 

so of course, i am now an embosser and for carrie's birthday from wilson she is too! below is a little sample of what you do and how to do it. there are how to video's too on paper-source's website as well. 

what you need:
pigment ink pads (pigment is important as they are slow drying)
rubber stamps mounted
embossing powder
embossing heat gun

what to do:
1. stamp item (fabric, wood, paper)
2. cover in embossing powder & shake off
3. heat until embossing powder melted
4. enjoy

see photos that really show just how easy this is!
stamp your item
shake embossing powder over the item
note the sandy look on the non-heated items
heat (read the instructions in the gun carefully!)