Wednesday, January 26

sour cream pound cake

two weeks in a row now i've made this and judging by the amount of sugar, butter, and eggs, you know its good! joe brought half of one to work today and it was gone before noon! 

sour cream pound cake [a lauren davis barber recipe]
what you need...
6 eggs softened (not melted)
2 sticks butter
3 cups all purpose flour
3 cups granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp baking soda (not powder here peeps!)

what to do...
preheat the oven to 300 degrees.  put the softened butter in a big bowl [kitchen aid mixer works too] and cream.  add sugar by the cup until well mixed.  add each egg slowly allowing it to be absorbed.  add 3 cups of flour.  mixture should be getting really can't really mix this one by hand.  let the kitchen aid or mixer do its job and take the sour cream and add the baking soda and vanilla. mix that up and put it in the mixer and let it mix for about a minute. bake in a bundt cake pan for 90 minutes. my favorite part is right when you take it out of the oven it has a light brown crust on top which tastes like pure sugar!  let it cool in the pan 15 min before you turn it over.  

i cook mine until i stick a knife in and it pulls out with just a little goop on it!

Tuesday, January 25

top 5 atlanta favorites

my latest and greatest top 5 places to go eat [and what to order for those who have never been and are up for suggestions]...

in order for the most part...
#5...Park Tavern 500 10th Street  phone (404) 249-0001
if you went to restaurants based on atmosphere alone, this would be a winner 8 months of the year! when it is warm enough in atlanta to sit outside, park tavern is the place to go! take a walk with your besties [now including wilson] and everyone can enjoy their outside patio, including the pups! the best thing here is their hummus which is massive and comes with a salad accompanied with a great vinaigrette dressing.  making me wish it wasn't a rainy cold day in atlanta! oh and wednesday nights they boast their 1/2 off bottles of wine! 

#4...Coast Seafood & Raw Bar 111 West Paces Ferry Rd  phone (404) 869-0777
part of here to serve restaurant group, coast is not only in the average person's dinner out budget, but also amazing! the blackened tuna is great as are their garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach! lots of patio seating but also has some nice inside seating too! 

#3...Canoe  4199 Paces Ferry Rd  phone  (770) 432-2663 
if there is no budget then canoe is for you. if it were more reasonably priced this would be my favorite restaurnt in the world! though i haven't been since it flooded, this is my favorite place!  my 2 favorite entrees are the rabbit [yes i know but you will love the ravilli that comes with it] and the salmon although everyone else always seems to love whatever they get there as well!  open table a reservation for sure! it gets booked fast! avoid friday nights when there is a home football game at lovett unless you're into hearing the fans cheering as its right on the other side of the river!

#2...Rosebud  1397 N Highland Ave  phone (404) 347-9747
aside from the cute name, amazing ambiance, and rustic building, the food here is also amazing! i actually had my bridesmaids luncheon @ rosebud and everyone seemed to love it as well!  my favorite meal is sunday a sucker for great crab cakes benedict [rivals 131 main in charlotte] and of course the pomegranate sea breeze [vodka, grapefruit, pomegranate]. rack up some open table points here too [however not available for brunch]

#1...DBA Barbeque 1190 N Highland Ave  phone (404) 249-5000 
located right in va highlands, you must go and check this place out! My favorite thing [and only thing i've ever ordered] is the archie bunker [bbq sandwich with mac and cheese on top!] and sweet potato tots as a side.  the ranch is amazing which for those of you who know me well know that pretty much seals the deal! another place too to rack up your open table dining points! when pig comes on friday, this is where we already have our 8pm reservations! 

aside from these great dinner faves, other good honorable mentions for your next trip here are Zoes [unless you have one where you're from], Souper Jenny, Houstons, Twisted Taco, Tin Lizzy's, and Murphys!

happy eating! i for one cannot wait until friday night @ DBA!

Monday, January 24