Friday, February 8

guess this plant!

i need some help! i am the sketchy person who when walking the dog and loving on people's yards actually takes photos of things about them that i like. these plants i love...however i have no idea what they are. my trip to pike's won't happen until next week but i'd love to know what this is [or if anyone has any guesses]...

Thursday, February 7

a special day for all

today is a special day, that is for sure! not only are two of our best friends getting married in Turks & Caicos but their baby girl will be baptized today as well!

isnt this just the cutest face you've ever seen!!!!

Tuesday, February 5

Sunday, February 3

mr & mrs weathers

its been a week since they said "i do"...what a fun, unforgettable weekend that was!!!