Friday, April 29

my new favorite workout!

i never thought i'd say i would be too busy to blog, but turns out this past week i have been! i am recently obsessed with my new work out venue...pure barre. gabby turned me onto this and so far i have been to 6 classes in the past week (told you i was obsessed) in addition to my daily walk/runs with wilson.  the whole class is done in socks (kent wools) and is in a carpeted ballet studio. you do lots of exercises using the bar as a balance point and is overall a strict core exercise class of about 10-12 people. if you can cough/laugh without crying after your first few classes, you aren't doing it really is a "hurt so good" kind of class.

you all need to check this out if you have a location near you!

my second obsession recently, thanks to c.bass (joe will be sending you the latest amex bill) is lulu lemon...i really need to stop "checking in" with them and leave the lenox mall area once and for all! you can order online and shipping is free...their crops are amazing and since you can't wear shorts to pure barre, i was able to justify a few pairs and some cute matching tops...or so i told myself/joe.

Wednesday, April 27

meet my designer/party decorator!!!

Carrie Fowler Interior Design announces our new "High Cotton" packages, making interior design advice accessible and affordable on an accelerated time frame. "High Cotton" packages, for home or office, allow you to choose from 2 to 6 hour set-fee packages which include site visits and instant aesthetic assistance from a Georgia Registered Interior Designer.
Whether your home or office is in need of a new color scheme, furniture arrangement or replacement, or an entirely new design theme, there is a package right for you.  Condos to mansions, businesses large and small, all benefit from our expert ideas, resources and guidance to make your design dreams a reality.
Call today to schedule your "High Cotton" session.
Thank you,

 Why "High Cotton" : 
"High Cotton" is ideal regardless of your stage in life. Receive design advice without the long term contractual commitment of a full service interior design firm. Receive high-end designer service without the open-ended invoices, sales commissions or additional expenses.  
Upsizing - What do you need, where should you start.
Downsizing - Advice on what to take with you, how to make the most of your smaller space, organizing.
New Home - Paint colors, floor plans, room layouts, window treatments.
Remodeling - Where to spend your money, feasibility, ideas.
Selling Your Home - Staging, design to sell.
Do-it-Yourselfers - Take my plans and make your reality.
Design Enthusiast - Onceover by a professional, suggestions to enhance your plans.  
Decorating - Holiday, special Occasions, event design.  

 How it Works : 

CFowler_SmithKitAffordable in-home or office consultations are offered in hourly time blocks.  We efficiently use the time allotted to address your most pressing needs so you receive useful information and clear direction for your next steps. We work with your existing furniture and colors or can make recommendations for purchase. We do not sell furniture or accessories, nor do we make a commission on sales.
Sessions are not limited to consulting on one room. Start with a smaller package and schedule additional time as needed.  

 What to Expect : 

1) Homework - you will be emailed a questionaire  before your session so we will have an idea of your likes and needs.

2) Depending on your priorities and time frame your consultation may include:
Space Planning, Floor Plans, Sketches, Elevation Drawings and Rearrangement Recommendations.
Color Schemes, Paint Colors, Fabric Choices and Finish Selections.
Lighting Recommendations.
- Furniture and Accessory Recommendations, Shopping Trips and Preferred Vendors.

Within 5 to 7 days after your session you will receive a written, comprehensive design summary with recommendations.

Within a few days of receiving your written summary you will receive a brief follow up telephone call to address any questions. Should you choose not to implement your "High Cotton" plan yourself, we are available to complete the project to your specifications or to further develop your plan.  

Packages : 
2 Hours: Focuses on your most immediate design needs: ideas on furniture rearrangement, color schemes, window treatments, or remodeling. The 2 hour package works best for clients looking for quick, fresh ideas. $200

3 Hours: Ideal for reviewing your basic floor plan, to include furniture placement and selection or rearrangement of your current furnishings, lighting selections, color schemes and accessories to better suit your needs. $300
4 Hours: Our most popular package. Typically allows for full design of one room, plus addressing design issues in at least one other room. This is ideal for larger homes or clients looking for more comprehensive design advice.$400
6 Hours: Our most comprehensive plan for client's with greater design needs allowing for further development of design plans or design of additional spaces. This is ideal for clients with tight deadlines, upcoming moves or those who simply need to cover more in one session. $600

If you would like to discuss the packages in more detail, please call and we will help you select the right package for your needs.