Friday, November 21

king mack!

the first boy ever to be allowed at girls weekend did a great job holding down the fort! there was no shortage of babies to love on this weekend! love sweet baby mack! 

Thursday, November 20

sweet Millan!

little Millan was the oldest little one at our girls weekend! at 6 1/2 months old she surely showcased her smiles and giggles...cannot wait to watch her grow up!!!

Tuesday, November 18

lainey grace

my sweet little friend Lainey Grace & I had some pretty good bonding this past weekend! a few of the photos we captured of her precious little face! two months and looking just like her daddy! 

Sunday, November 16

besties for the restie

counting my many blessings tonight after an amazing weekend with some of my besties and their babies! such a fun weekend...cannot wait for the next one!