Sunday, January 31

new favorite journal

oh how wonderful are these new favorites of mine! my graphic image spiral notebooks that I typically love for my Bible study notes/prayer requests/other inspirational notes have been hard to find. I read more and more about the moleskine cahier notebooks and decided to try them out from Paper-Source. 

in typical "if you give a mouse a cookie" fashion, I immediately realized that they needed to be I asked my sister for some help with that. she made me two cute stickers that I could slap right on the front of my moleskine notebooks and make them my own {she also sells these super inexpensive on Etsy}. 

after I realized how cute these notebooks looked, I decided I wanted a leather cover for them to be snuggled up in. I took to Etsy & Google in search of a cover. I stumbled somehow across this company, Old Church Works and fell in love! Mike from OCW was super helpful in determining what I needed for my notebooks to be at home. I chose the double moleskine notebook as opposed the the quad. I tell you what, I have never seen such a beautiful leather notebook in my life! I cannot wait to put this to good use!