Sunday, December 8

frame remodel with rub n' buff

we now have two mirrors in our house that belonged to joe's family that we are so grateful to be using! the one over our sideboard in our entryway as well as the one now over our dresser in our bedroom. 

the newest addition in our bedroom is a beautiful round gold mirror embellished with flowers. on either side i was hoping to find some very thin gold frames that were 8x10 and then do some mats inside them with black & white photos. 

while i could not find gold frames that were not too tackily shiny or too chunky, i found thin wood diploma frames at hobby lobby (40% off $4.99) and learned from Our 5th House about the use of rub n' buff! these turned out awesome!!!
$4.99 frames from hobby lobby in a wood finish always 40% off
i did not sand or prep the frames at all. 1st coat of gold leaf color rub n' buff applied with an old rag t-shirt. then i waited two hours and went back with my fingers and came back over some places that were not covered as well. the final step is to buff off with a clean rag to get that buffed look. no sealant needed for things like this! more photos to come when they are finished and up on the walls!!!