Saturday, November 6

the heat is on!!

after coming back from a fun [quick] visit to columbia we got home to the house 51 was then we decided we needed to turn the heat on or try at least.  we thought it was broken but our cheapest fix yet worked...changing the batteries! 

our house is now getting toasty so that we don't freeze! snuggling up for a nap before babysitting at 4pm! 

Friday, November 5

getting ready for wilson

joe's first words were "oh my gosh i feel so sorry for this dog" when he saw my file folders and 3 ring binder full of wilson notes! i am so excited for welcoming wilson into our home & fun new life!  yes he may have his own legal pad, doctor appointments already scheduled, and toys set up just right, but he is going to be so loved when he gets here on dec 9th! 

after percy was brought into the guertin family i knew i needed a pup of my own 
& soon! with joe's hectic schedule wilson is perfect to keep me company! i have a list of things that i know i do/don't want wilson to do and after reading three dog books (into my 4th already) this is pretty much the norm for what the first few months of wilson being home will be like...visitors take notes!

no dog should be allowed in your bed or on furniture ever as it is a sign of dominance over the owner and the dog thinking he's the B-O-S-S...wilson will learn he may be 3rd in control in this house but far from the boss! to make it simple, our bedroom is off limits to wilson period. we are only in there at night for sleeping so he can hang out with us enough all day long! 

also for our visitors wilson will also be trained not to jump at visitors (the most annoying thing ever) or snap/chomp at toys showing his teeth.

wilson is immediately getting enrolled in puppy school. he may not be thrilled that i'm already booking his schedule but getting a pup into school before 16 weeks is critical so the dog [& parents] can learn as well.  so he's already in on tuesdays for an hour for 8 weeks! lucky wilson & even more lucky ali!

by 8 weeks either by the classes or my official kennel club book wilson will know the following (or he's going back to school!) in addition to being chew toy, crate, and house trained...sit/stand/down (& stay with all those), staying in general, heel/lead trained, watch me, leave it, easy (eating out of hands, accepting treats, etc), shake, high five...i think thats it...

what we are going for here is to have a rock star pup which i'm pretty sure we will have! he will get lots of love and attention and being around the holidays when he comes home will give us ample time for crate training! i hope everything i ever disliked about other pups was a learning experience for what is important for wilson to do to be a "good boy!" amazing books i have been recommended by many people to read and have are as owners are more than welcome to borrow my copies! 

Before & After Getting Your Puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar
The Official AKC Wheaten Terrier Book by Juliette Cunliffe
The Official AKC Puppy Training Book by Charlotte Schwartz
Good Dog 101 by Christine Dahl


today the davis family is headed to landrum & ro's first engagement party! wahoo! what an exciting november we have planned! however much to my demise i am also pale as a ghost seeing as the last time i saw the sunlight for an extended period of time was on the honeymoon (see below) and then got yelled at by my future 2nd husband, my dermatologist.

happy honeymooners...august 2010
ft [fake tanner/coppertone gradual tan/ramona @ spa sydell midown] is my life saver and i may have been known to give out bottle or two for an intervention as naming names but you do follow my blog ;-) so to survive 20 somethings and to have a fighting chance to see your nineties...get out of the tanning beds, put on your neutrogena helioplex sunscreen, and hopefully we all haven't ruined our faces with crows feet, sunspots, and wrinkles for the future! if we did already screw ourselves over though, not to worry, maybe my dermatologist will fix us up with a great group botox & laser rates! haha!

tgif & travel safe this weekend!

Thursday, November 4

american express

i may have lots of best friends (see below) but i may also have one best friend that never fails...its clear and gives me lots of cash back each year!  oh american express how would i have survived my life without you?? just yesterday i ordered wilson's "necessities" from and my transaction was rejected.  just as fast as i pushed send, my iPhone was ringing and it was amex fraud department calling because they were unaware that we had a need for pet related items.  lets just say the man was thrilled we are getting a dog! haha...happy 7th week birthday wilson!

most of the girls are accounted for here...xoxo!

Wednesday, November 3

a good mantra

so a great mantra to live by that just got revived in my mind tonight at discipleship...sparked by the question, what does it mean to place yourself under the authority of your spiritual leaders? surrender...rob's best logic and good logic have to believe if you are doing  best you can and the Lord will take care of the rest...if you are doing something the best that you can and something still manages to happen against what you were anticipating or hoping for it is all part of a bigger [better] plan.  

use all your God given talents and do the best you can.  God isn't expecting us to be perfect. you have to take responsibility for your life to be a good disciple. be the better person, strive to do what you would want others to do for you, be understanding and appreciate differences, and don't be secretive about being a disciple of the Lord.

so tonight going to bed early for a change and reminding myself that i am going to do the best [with discipleship/work/marriage/friends/family/commitments/life] i can and sleep peacefully knowing God will take care of the rest. 

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
-Joshua 1:9

happy [belated] halloween

halloween this year at the davis house was fairly uneventful which aside from popular belief was amazing.  for one, joe & i actually got to enjoy each other's company for the entire weekend which was a change for sure!  we had a neighborhood block party on sunday afternoon and then after that greeted a whopping 3 groups of trick or treaters...somehow the candy we have left dwindles each day but i'm pretty sure that's just me picking up a few pieces as i walk past it daily (despite greer's recommendation to give it to charity).

we had yummy turkey chili and pumpkin soup across the street for dinner served in plastic bowls with plastic spoons which was okay because silver sunday was skipped this week at our house but instead we had a yummy dessert...strawberry shortcake!

its a token better homes & gardens recipe but an amazing one nonetheless

amazing strawberry shortcakes!

what you need...
1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/3 cup cold butter
1 egg, slightly beaten
1/2 cup dairy sour cream
2 tablespoons milk
5 cups sliced strawberries
3 tablespoons sugar
1 recipe Whipped Cream

what to do
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly grease a baking sheet (or use nonstick). In a bowl combine flour, the 1/4 cup sugar, the baking powder, salt, and baking soda. Using a pastry blender (or fork but it is way more time consuming) & cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. In a separate bowl combine egg, sour cream, and milk. Add to flour mixture, stirring with a fork just until moistened.
  2. Drop dough into 8 mounds onto prepared baking sheet. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden. Transfer to a wire rack and cool.
  3. Toss a little sugar on the strawberries after they are cleaned and cut.  Split shortcakes in half; fill with strawberry mixture and whipped cream. Top with remaining sliced strawberries.