Monday, January 14 2013 goals

i wont call them new years resolutions because these are things i should have been doing all along!!! i've made a long 2013 to-do list and if you know me at all you know you can find it safely tacked away on a legal pad & clipboard just waiting to have things x'ed off of it! here are a few of the more fun items on the list [not including things like cleaning the basement]...

finish both joe's and my christmas stockings

 save up to finish out & redo "emerson's room" [currently attic/mini party city]

proactively plant my own vegetable garden & actually pick [and eat] the veggies

learn at least or practice more three new art forms [more to come on the ones i've selected]

read one of many devotionals daily [& really understand it]

bake one new dessert each month...regardless of how unhealthy it is