Friday, June 1

welcome to the world emerson!

every good & perfect gift is from above--James 1:17

Welcome Emerson Hartjes Bowe!!!!
June 1, 2012
21.5 inches
7 lb 14.9oz

basement organization 101

tomorrow we tackle the basement. its been officially 2 years and that means that it is no longer okay to have junk thrown everywhere in our basement. lots of helpers will tackle the building of the structures while mom & i handle the organizing...the to do list is lengthy but we aren't letting that scare us!

here's our before shots [note: anything would be better than this]

Wednesday, May 30

Tuesday, May 29

how about an easy dinner?

how about an easy dinner? you can't really get more easier [well maybe you can...but not nearly as good] is my freezer meal dinner! my goal is to clear out my freezer by july so we can restock, make great sauces, free up some tupperware, and most importantly, fit my kitchen aid mixer ice cream maker attachment back in the freezer!
so as for dinner...this was super easy & what we ate last night. trader joe's has great [cheap] super low fat [5-7grams] chicken sausages in many flavors. once in a while i stock up and get a bunch then freeze the ones that we aren't currently in the mood for. this photo shows one type but we actually ate sun dried tomato [but i accidentally threw away the packaging].

after that publix offers BOGO specials all the time and cheese tortellini was one of them. as you may recall last year i had more basil than i knew what to do with so i froze some in little glass jars. i busted that out and a handful of fresh today and made a fresh batch of pesto. 

with a pound of broccoli to share, the nutritionist would have been proud!

Monday, May 28

update: my garden

gorgeous green bell peppers 
roma tomatoes 
cherry tomatoes
heirloom tomatoes
my best garden helper!