Thursday, June 11

week 3 renovation recap

this week we have less to show in terms of photos, but lots of successes nonetheless!

  • bathroom vanity completed {thanks Sid}
  • paint colors have been decided for the upstairs & vanity {thanks Carrie!}
  • carpet has been selected, measured & ready to order for the new guest room
  • new back door ordered
  • new locks & knobs for exterior doors, on the way!
  • all bathroom fixtures have arrived
  • of all...roof shingles are on & the crazy blue tarp is off! 
courtesy of Sid! our new bathroom need of primer, paint & knobs! sink top is at the house!
new toilet, sink top, faucet, & shower hardware
some minor framing changes were made to get us back to our construction plan in the closet & office. the floor decking in the new guest room/office/closet have been put in place ready for insulation & sheetrock next week after electrical & framing inspections.
we also had the old guest room completely gutted...bye bye plaster...hello sheetrock! we have fresh insulation coming to the room and windows as well! it will be a new paradise! 
things that still need deciding/on my checklist...
  • new light fixtures for the front porch & top of our stairs landing
  • paint colors & fabrics/bedding for our master bedroom
  • front door & storm door color {5 swatches painted currently}
  • painter {comparing bids}
we cannot wait to keep this progress up! more to come next week!