Tuesday, April 19

mexi-shrimp salad

get those shrimp [deveined and cleaned] cooking in some olive oil and minced garlic, toss in some chili powder and roasted red pepper flakes [just a pinch] if you're feeling wild!

make a big bed of lettuce and any/all of the following...corn [rinsed and drained], black beans [rinsed and drained], tomato, red onion, salsa, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips, matchstick carrots, slice of avocado [dont use it all, using the rest tomorrow], and the freshing sauted shrimp!

top off with a lite ranch dressing! this salad takes as long as it takes the shrimp to cook to make [if they're small, as quick as 3 minutes]...enjoy!

Monday, April 18

day 2: strawberry goat cheese chicken salad

sorry this is late! we had a runaway pup today! he was playing in the neighbors back yard with kids and then what do you know but little 6 year olds screaming "OH NO ALI!!!"
c.bass spinach strawberry salad its easy and quick!  

spinach, strawberries cut up, walnut pieces, crumbled soft goat cheese, and brianna's blush wine vinaigrette add chicken too and it is fabulous!!! 

ill post tomorrow's salad tonight or 1st thing in the AM i promise!!! 



Sunday, April 17

salad day 1 and weekly prep

alright--now that everyone has their ingredients together, let's get cooking! we cook the chicken for the week on sunday to minimize the time that it takes to make dinner the rest of the nights! 

make your chicken, grill it, bake it, marinade it in whatever you like--my favorite is italian dressing baked or grilled...if baked, i like to rub some minced garlic on top too for extra flavor. 

tonight's salad will be delicious i promise!

apple gorgonzola cheese salad
toss the following ingredients together to make a yummy salad!
lettuce blend [however you choose], thinly sliced golden delicious apple, gorgonzola cheese, thinly sliced grilled or baked chicken, walnuts...dressing to taste [recommendation: marzetti's honey mustard]

bon appetit!

grocery day for salad week is here!

hey there!

here is your grocery list...don't ask questions, just print today's post and bring this to the store with you. some of these things you will have around the house and others, you may need to pick up. i'm writing this for what you need to make this for 2 people...however if you are cooking for one, just get a little less, if you're cooking for more...more! i've also included a few links to some of the salad dressing/cheeses so you know what to look for.

we're going to cook all of the chicken in one day, so don't think for a second you can't throw together dinner in under 15 minutes on the weeknights this week!

don't let the random fruit/cheese throw you off either...i am not normally one to order salads out with fruit on them and neither is joe...however, you'll be surprised just how much it adds to the salad!

  • fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts [will be used for 4 salads..i would recommend 2 packages or 1.5 breasts per night]
  • shrimp [you pick the size/qty...will be used for 1 frozen even if you'd like!]

cheese [don't freak me on this one, you know i know my cheese!]
  • goat cheese [you just need a small container of this that comes all suction wrapped and looks like a 2" in diameter log of cheese, however go to the FRESH cheese section not where the Kraft singles are located. Should run you $2.99 at Trader Joe's and Publix for a small package...Kroger tends to mark this up for you ATL folks]
  • Gorgonzola cheese [march over to the Kraft section...Publix/Kroger sell small packages of crumbled, normally reduced fat, Gorgonzola cheese...check the dates on the package--this cheese is NOT stinky like bleu cheese but does have some of the funky coloring so don't get scared]
  • 2% milk/reduced fat sharp cheddar shredded cheese [you can get colby jack or something like that too...just nothing "Italian"]

fresh produce
  • strawberries [one package]
  • 1 large red red onion
  • 1 almost ripe avocado [will be using on wednesday so dont get one thats already super soft]
  • salad in a box [take my word for it, don't ever waste your money on the bagged salad again! anytime you have the option to get a box of salad in the clear containers, do that! i spend the extra $1 sometimes even on it just because it actually lasts--sometimes over a whole week...grab 3 boxes of salad, one spinach, one mixed baby greens, and go out on a limb and try something with some arugula tossed in]
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 1 golden delicious apple [light green soft skinned sweet apple]
  • bag of matchstick carrots [these are the small little carrot shavings almost]

  • brianna's blush wine vinaigrette [this is a staple in our house so you should have it on hand regardless...however there is no subbing out this dressing, suck it up and pay the $3.99 for use very little and don't eat it as frequently as ranch...its normally on the very top or very bottom shelf at Publix by the fancy salad dressings]
  • marzetti's reduced fat honey dijon [if you have another fave honey dijon/mustard you can use that...if you need to buy one, i recommend this's found in the produce section where the cold dressings are. if you cant find reduced fat, don't get the normal dressing, instead go find a Kraft honey dijon vinaigrette as a 2nd fave]
  • marzetti's ginger sesame salad dressing [find this one next to the honey dijon above]
  • lite ranch dressing...your favorite variety

toppings [aka...the good stuff]
  • walnuts [get the walnut pieces vs. the big chunky ones if possible]
  • slivered or sliced almonds
  • can of mandarin oranges
  • can of corn [no sugar/salt added please!] 
  • can of black beans [no funny flavors, just regular]
things you likely have, but if you don't you need to have not only this week, but on a regular basis too
  • lemon juice
  • lime juice
  • minced garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt & pepper grinders (sams/costco has them for $3-$5 each full of peppercorns and salt)
  • chili powder
optional items that you may have or may need throughout the week that would only add to the salads...some of these i like, some joe likes but we don't buy exclusively for these salads bc you don't need much!
  • salsa
  • tortillas
click on the items below and print your own digital coupons
Marzetti Salad Dressing