Friday, July 31

5 happy years!

the 5 year wedding anniversary gift is traditionally wood. I think it's acceptable to think that the wood added to this house over the past four months is enough wood to last a lifetime! Crazy to think that 5 years ago we were married! The days can be long but these years have added up quickly! Its also crazy to think about all the planning that goes into weddings and I can recall very few details of the day itself as that must have been the quickest day of my life!  Some of the moments I do recall...

Sunday, July 26

getting closer to the finish line!

it may not look like much has happened but boy oh boy have we had Mr. Paul working like crazy with his sidekick Chad here all week! Doors, trim and baseboards are up. The sheetrock guys need to come back and patch/sand a good bit more and we are ready for tile in the bathroom too! This week is "supposed" to be the last week of our true construction and after that is just finishings such as paint, carpet, and door knobs put on and all of that sort of stuff. 
paint selections underway for the master downstairs which is getting an aesthetic update