Thursday, August 27

meeting baby clara

I was able to take some time off work this week and go visit the newest bestie baby addition, Clara. Truly she is heaven sent! What a special treat to get to love on her for a good bit!!! 

Tuesday, August 25

the evolution of Ward's room

so the old guest room has become the nursery if you haven't figured that out by yet with all of the construction blog posts! it has been quite the evolution! it has been a great process and I am so ready to get it set up and all of his belongings in place {& thankfully out of my dining room}! 
the renovation begins with the zipper doors! 

Joe & Daddy Joe hung the closets back up after they were painted and holes patched. We reused the old Elfa shelf on the immediate right hand side when you walk in the closet. The closet system in the back is from Home Depot (online) and is the Rubbermaid Configurations as recommended by our friends Katy & Doug. It was so great to use and it has no cutting involved/shelves overlap and rods telescope--this is great if you want the closet to grow without ever having to get more parts!

more to come as his nursery gets finalized!