Tuesday, April 6

what's cooking

my new thing is to make my grocery list on thursday based on the publix ad...allowing me to get great deals and enough variety knowing the same things aren't on sale weeks in a row.  for those of you who know me, its also a guilty pleasure to get to plan something in advance! 

so this is what's cooking in the kitchen this week...keep in mind these are only good if you get yourself to the publix by wednesday night! new sales/new post on thursday (hopefully i'll still be blogging then)...i guarantee you 90% of dinner options homemade will be on sale at publix! 

  • murphy's scoutmob--50% off! special treat! 
  • premium chicken (the thin, unfatty kind) stuffed with pesto, fresh spinach, and reduced fat feta topped with a little bit of bread crumbs...
  • c.bass spinach strawberry salad--spinach, strawberries cut up, walnut pieces, crumbled soft goat cheese, and brianna's blush wine vinaigrette
  • near east parmesan couscous 
  • top sirloin steak marinated in ken's steak house herb and garlic marinade 
  • near east pecan and garlic rice pilaf
  • mixed greens salad
  • sauteed summer squash and zucchini (i pass on this part though...woof)
  • supper club at sallie's!!! special treat for me! joe's on his own with a stouffers meal or two

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