Friday, November 5


today the davis family is headed to landrum & ro's first engagement party! wahoo! what an exciting november we have planned! however much to my demise i am also pale as a ghost seeing as the last time i saw the sunlight for an extended period of time was on the honeymoon (see below) and then got yelled at by my future 2nd husband, my dermatologist.

happy honeymooners...august 2010
ft [fake tanner/coppertone gradual tan/ramona @ spa sydell midown] is my life saver and i may have been known to give out bottle or two for an intervention as naming names but you do follow my blog ;-) so to survive 20 somethings and to have a fighting chance to see your nineties...get out of the tanning beds, put on your neutrogena helioplex sunscreen, and hopefully we all haven't ruined our faces with crows feet, sunspots, and wrinkles for the future! if we did already screw ourselves over though, not to worry, maybe my dermatologist will fix us up with a great group botox & laser rates! haha!

tgif & travel safe this weekend!

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