Saturday, December 25

merry merry merry Christmas

merry Christmas! 
who would have ever imagined there would be this many stockings on our mantle? hopefully you have a good Christmas full of lots of fun things, family bonding, while remembering the true reason we celebrate the is so interesting to hear about everyones family Christmas traditions and how Christmas was done when you were little...

for me however i still request that santa comes every year and no presents appear until the christmas morning...santa still gets milk and cookies and wraps every single one of our presents as well as the contents of our stockings.  sid still sits in his chair and is on wrapping paper clean up duty with his cup of coffee dictating when we take breaks from the festivities. 

monica and jeramy will be here soon and the gift opening will begin.  what a fun year to add in 2 dogs, a husband, and fiance to the guertin mix.  i secretly think sid is just thankful to have 3 boys [including wilson] home for the holidays...merry, merry, merry Christmas! 

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