Thursday, December 16

wilsons first week home

good morning!  its been one week since wilson arrive and wilson is loving his first days home.  despite advice that he should only meet one person a day he didn't mind meeting lots of friends all last weekend! grammie and gramps came by and monica and germ had a sleep over! he met ann hughston and aunts carrie & rachel too! the little girls i babysit for down the street [own the girl wheaten we fell in love with] came over and played for a little bit on saturday evening and on monday, taylor and katie were added to his list of besties!
 monday morning he goes to this second vet appointment and if i may recommend to any one in atlanta with a pet, buckhead animal clinic was amazing! they are a walk in vet clinic so that they reduce the need for appointments, cancellations, etc and are first come, first serve. wilson gets his s-h-o-t-s [we spell the bad words haha] on monday and hopefully can get them all in one day and we won't need to come back for any more. he can't wait to play with his pet friends percy and ted!

he wins us over every day and there is no puppy [percy ties with him i guess] that is so lovable and hugs and kisses on you all the time. i would have to say the best part of the day is getting ready for work in the am, blow drying my hair with a puppy curled up at my feet.

we love wilson!

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