Tuesday, February 15

the blue can

everyone on our street seems to have the overflowing blue cans on the curb tonight for trash and recycle pick up tomorrow. everyone expects the green cans [trash] to be filled to the brim but for some reason on greenview, the equally large blue cans [recycle] seem to be just as full. 

after 8 months of calling the city of atlanta we finally got ourselves a big blue curbside recycling pick up. although not previously an avid recycler, since pig came and we got my new stainless simplehuman trash can and our old white trash can had a purpose, we weren't recyclers [yes, yes, shame on us]. convenience is often time the reason people don't recycle.  thank you city of atlanta as they will sort our bin for us and we can even put everything in a trash bag. 

until a few months ago, i also never knew children knew SO much about what could be recycled. a family down the street with two girls who are avid greenies, passed along my tips of what we all forget can stay out of the trash and fill up that recycle bin! after getting these tips, no wonder people can fill up their whole blue curbside bin each week!

aside from the normal cans, bottles, newspapers these things used to end up in our trash can and we are now transitioning them to the recycle bin...
-paper towel holders & toilet paper holders
-empty household bottles [dish detergent, soap, shampoo]
-paper shreds from your shredder [often these have to be in a clear bag...use one from dry cleaners]

city of atlanta will take all plastics labeled #1-7 but look on your city's recycling service site to find out what they can process! 

good luck! 

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