Tuesday, March 29

amazing summer trifle!

whitney made a great dessert at supper club and somewhat healthy too. pretty easy and affordable too now that fruit is in season, it is even better!  here is the recipe below! 

what you need...
one small box cheesecake sugar free jell-o pudding
one small box of vanilla sugar free jell-o pudding
one large continer light cool whip
1 package strawberries
1 package blueberries
1 package blackberries
1 package raspberries
1 angel food cake (either make from a box or buy made...made is tastier)

what to do...
make the pudding to the specifications on the packages (you can make both in the same bowl).  after its prepped mix in the container of cool whip until smooth. take the angel food cake and pull into pieces. get a big trifle bowl and start to layer in the angel food cake, berries, and pudding ending with the pudding/cool whip layer on top

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