Friday, April 29

my new favorite workout!

i never thought i'd say i would be too busy to blog, but turns out this past week i have been! i am recently obsessed with my new work out venue...pure barre. gabby turned me onto this and so far i have been to 6 classes in the past week (told you i was obsessed) in addition to my daily walk/runs with wilson.  the whole class is done in socks (kent wools) and is in a carpeted ballet studio. you do lots of exercises using the bar as a balance point and is overall a strict core exercise class of about 10-12 people. if you can cough/laugh without crying after your first few classes, you aren't doing it really is a "hurt so good" kind of class.

you all need to check this out if you have a location near you!

my second obsession recently, thanks to c.bass (joe will be sending you the latest amex bill) is lulu lemon...i really need to stop "checking in" with them and leave the lenox mall area once and for all! you can order online and shipping is free...their crops are amazing and since you can't wear shorts to pure barre, i was able to justify a few pairs and some cute matching tops...or so i told myself/joe.

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