Monday, June 27

the guest bathroom

so we have our guest bathroom which we honestly rarely use. it is upstairs (oh so inconvenient) and also until recently was not even repainted. it gets little you can only imagine how often its a priority to clean.

well...not any more! we have officially started to rethink our guest bathroom! i'll share some before and after photos along the way but we'll have many stages to show.  first thin that needed to be done was a new paint job. daddy had spackled the cracks in the plaster filled any holes back in june 2010. it hit me when we had company come over for the first time and they saw our bathroom...didn't think i could use the excuse "we just moved in" any more....hence my motivation.
so on a thursday night i poured a glass of wine and got started on the paint. 4 hours later and very late in the night, the 2nd coat went on. the khaki, "dessert storm" bathroom went to white. we have black and white tiles throughout the bathroom and white sink, toilet, tub etc all which will stay the way they are.

the next problem was that we could not use a standard shower curtain if we wanted it to touch the carrie came in and measured for an extended shower curtain to give us the height we need in the bathroom. also, to make our project more complicated, our closet does not have a door so we submitted an order to deb to help us out with that too!

stripe is for the valance over our window and the shower curtain will be in the ikat print
very cluttered guest bath storage no one wants to see
finally a window valance in a cute stripe will finish the jobs for mom off nicely!! to top things off joe's "poop stool" for reading when going potty that has been quarantined to the upstairs bathroom which was an old blue bedside table from his childhood was sanded, sanitized, and repainted the same color gray as our den to house our new gray guest towels. 
new towel color goes perfectly with the purplish gray in the shower curtain
Stay tuned to see the final product & more updates along the way!

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