Wednesday, June 8

mission: weight loss

welcome to the world of skinny fat! i am officially convinced (or so i'm telling myself) that to gear up for summer 2011 and beyond we've got to ditch the skinny fat. for those unaware of the term, its the people who look fabulous in everything they wear until they get to the beach or the pool and look like a hot flabby mess. i've always cringed at the idea of exercising when it comes to weights and strength training but since pure barre hit the scene, i've over it. 

the challenge this year becomes 1) eat better...2) work out more..sounds simple but for the girl who can't be in the same room as a cookie without eating it, i've got some self restraint issues to work on first!
on top of that...we've got this new food plate (the old food pyramid is cooked) that reminds us that half of every meal should be fruits and this is my make recipes & meals that are at least half veggies and fruit. expect some good meal plans and recipes coming soon! 

link to new dietary guidelines: 


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