Saturday, August 27

camera best practice

so i just recently thought (wishfully) that i was in need of a new, fabulous camera upgrade from my 2 year old canon powershot sd940 when i got a "communication error" every time i plugged in my camera to the macbook pro. well i got to googling only to find out that it wasn't the camera, the cord, or the was me! 

apparently a good best practice is to delete your photos from your camera every so often so that you can free up space for your camera to "think." that being said, you better be backing up your computer in case your hard drive crashes and you are without your photos! however  if you can't get your photos on to your computer, i guess that doesn't help either! so in my googling my new camera using advice would be two things...keep your card under control and buy an external hard drive or back up to the cloud! 

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