Tuesday, November 8


i hardly want to admit my newest hobby, however i enjoy it so much that maybe someone else will too! get ready to get your daily giggles out but my newest hobby is needlepoint :) i know i have just aged myself a good 50+ years, however i am on my 2nd project already for a very, very special someone that there is something really gratifying about making this myself. gwen turned me on to this and i figured since i can’t handle cross stitching, am too impatient to have my mama teach me to sew, that this may in fact be the ticket (plus i can't wait until there is someone to smock for)!!

my first project was an atlanta christmas ornament and it was so much fun! i was told to be patient as these projects take weeks and i got the ornament on wednesday of last week and by saturday am i was back at in stitches in buckhead getting my next canvas. i did manage to finish it so quickly however by staying up till 3am on friday as well as being so exhausted from boot camp i had only enough energy to do my projects!
preview photo of my atlanta ornament about 95% complete (minus the dogwoods) 
my next two projects are cute stockings for me & joe...these will not be 2011 stockings, but rather 2012 stockings. if wilson's lucky, he may get to get one too...but his daddy will likely say a pottery barn one will be just fine as this hobby a'int cheap! mine has ornaments all over it and some holly/mistletoe on the top and joe’s is a nutcracker with a few candy canes. i am convinced that i will be hooked to these throughout the holidays...last night joe was kind enough to drive us to my parents so that i wouldn’t have to put down my newest project.

be wary as you get addicted...even the smallest of projects between hand painted canvases, thread, needles, etc can get upwards of $150 each fast...and that’s not even finished. but this is really worth it (or so i keep telling myself). soon enough i'll give you all a sneak peek at my 2nd project that will be a picture frame which i affectionately call ducky (yes we do watch that much NCIS) but for now is my little secret.

until the stockings come in...happy stitching to me!

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