Friday, December 2

what's with the cupcake liners?

so recently i used for the first time ever foil cupcake liners...i was mesmerized by the fact that when we were recently given a treat in them how little they actually stuck to the liner. i was in love and ready to try them out for myself. so i have my reynold's cup cake foil liners and begin putting them in the trays...but something was weird.  in between each foil liner was a regular liner. what was i supposed to do with them?! how complicated had i just made this?!
i googled and found a great discussion board where i was surely educated. no you don't have to use both cupcake liners & actually you technically get double the liners if you like to use the regular paper liners too. you can also however, use both if you like the look of the foil liner and the feel of the paper liner. one other fun fact about the foil liners is you don't require a cup cake pan. the foil liners actually hold up the raw cake batter for you! 

good luck to all you bakers! 

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