Wednesday, May 9

what i can't live without

so these are my new favorite things [lately]...most of which i cannot imagine life without!

wilson...need i say more?! okay the rest are serious i promise (but he is pretty cute)!

Bar Keepers Friend  [$4 or less at Publix/Target and coupon available at link]
not that i am going to fool anyone into thinking that i am the primary person cleaning the bathrooms my house, but when things are looking scary midway between mr. fuentes' stops on greenview, this cleaner works like magic!!! literally this is how it works...squirt in shower...let sit overnight or for a few hours...turn on the water and gently wash away and all dirtiness goes away! i don't know how i haven't known about this till now! it also works wonders on your kitchen sink (something i do clean) and is safe for stainless steel! it works better than soft scrub and comet!

Container Store Klip It Boxes [$5-$10 depending on size]
these are the greatest thing in the world! after miserable experiences with the oxo suction cup lid containers, these container store containers are half the price and so much nicer. perks include being able to clean the lids thoroughly (oxo containers have the little piece of plastic that most people dont take off when cleaning). these constantly latch and there are no questions whether or not the lid is on! the greatest test is the "brown sugar test" where you can tell based on your brown sugar just how air tight your containers are. in the oxo containers, i end up with a brick of brown sugar which ends up being trashed...with these, keep the brown sugar in the bag and put it in a rectangular (stackable)  box and be amazed.

Blast 900 [first class free, after that packages available]
your first class is free and for most people that may be all they can handle...this is an OOC work out in Atlanta (& Charleston). The owner, Missi Wolf, is amazing and it truly has changed the way i eat, work out, and splurge! i've been treating myself to this "hell on earth" twice a week for over a month. i wont lie, its miserable and you constantly feel as if you are going to fall over/lose your lunch/or worse....but the results have paid off! if there is a location nearby, try it for free at least once. if you're in atlanta...go to richard's or missi's classes.
lululemon [tops starting at $59, pants starting at $79]
on top of sweating out a days worth of water at blast class i also enjoy playing tennis and of course no one has cuter or more comfortable work out clothes than lululemon. skirts (which are great for tennis), tops, and crops are all amazing! worth the investment as its shape lasts forever!
capri blue candles [currant & aloha $24 @ anthropologie & sold at swoozies]
these babies burn forever it seems and you dont even have to light them to get the amazing scent to fill a room! if you love the typical smell of an anthro store, then you will love these candles!

canon t2i digital slr camera
funny how i've had this camera all of 8 days and cannot imagine life without it! maybe its because ive been researching it for what seems like forever but it is in fact amazing. i was debating between a nikon and a canon and for those who want a digital slr camera, look no further. canon vs. nikon aesthetics aside boils down to one winning point for auto focus's lenses for you! the big misconception is that if it looks like a dslr camera that it is one...not the case. if you can't interchange lenses, you have a larger standard digital camera most likely which makes it really hard to compare feature wise if you're debating between a few. you all can be the judge by my upcoming photos to let me know if you can tell the difference!

myAgenda planner [starting at $36 plus $5 to personalize]
i normally opt for a lilly pulizer planner but this year i decided to get a myAgenda (most people know the momAgenda subsection of this brand]...we will try it out and see how it compares. the books start in august and run through december of the following year (same as lilly). perks to the myAgenda is that it is able to be thing i'm interested to see more about is the non-spiral aspect of it. this is one item on my list that i haven't officially tried yet (but have ordered)!

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