Tuesday, October 23

a good read

i feel my bedside table says a lot about me as yours may too. at any given time it seems you can find a 1/2 charged iPhone, my Bible, a few photos of my grandmother, immediate family & besties, various devotional books, stray bobby pins & hair ties, random ends of needlepoint threads from past projects, and an article by gary thomas, how to appreciate an imperfect spouse.

i may be partial to gary thomas right now as i am knee deep in 2 of his books (sacred influence & devotions for a sacred marriage), but something about this article seems to get me every time...or maybe its the sticky notes tacked on top with the last exercise in the article, my spouses strengths and my weaknesses. what i love reading even more on those lists are the various additions after the first time i read the article of additional strengths of joe and weaknesses of myself.

when you're short on ideas or prayer motivations...take a read...its bedside table worthy!

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