Friday, January 11

my stash unveiled

everyone has that one place [or two or three...or ten] where you end up bringing things when your doorbell rings and unexpected guests arrive or when you just dont want to figure out a better place to put something! for us that is our guest room [previously office until i started working from home]. that being said while joe was out of town last night, i got down to business!

i started here...there were 200 pairs of shoes in their original boxes and lets just say some of them you will be able to find at the nearly new junior league of atlanta store in the coming days. others are off to the cobbler for repairs, and the remaining keepers should feel very, very lucky!

after the shoe extravaganza we set off to eliminate random drawers full of clothes that are never worn. these also are on their way out of the house or into joe's rag bag in the basement. this in turn gave me great space for many of the other random items in our guest room such as my embossing supplies, fine indian papers, needlepoint, knitting projects, and more!

then i tackled the rest of this...

more of the photos to come of what it looks like afterwards! :) stay tuned!!!

1 comment:

  1. I already have an established "stash spot" in the guest closet! It is a scrapbook supply, gift wrapping, cocktail dress disaster in there!

    Can't wait to see the "after" pics!