Wednesday, April 10

reduced sugar=reduced taste?

i read an article not too long ago that 1 gram of sugar equates to 3.87 calories. i was always curious...what does that mean for me the "eater" of these reduced sugar foods? i gave it a personal test. one of foods i eat from time to time is Quaker Apples & Cinnamon instant oatmeal. accidentally, i picked up the "lower sugar" box and started to compare the nutrition facts.

specific to the oatmeal....lower sugar (6g sugars) vs.  regular (12g sugars)

women suggested guidelines is to consume no more than 24g of sugar a day. additionally (& most importantly), i cannot taste the difference in the two oatmeals! i'll keep my reduced sugar product (not chemically sweetened) product and enjoy my glass of wine to make up for the 6 grams of sugar that i saved in my day!

has anyone else had anything lately that is reduced sugar (but not chemically sweetened i.e. aspartame) that is better than the "regular" version?? next on my list is peanut butter!

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