Thursday, August 8

not so spring cleaning

i finally got around to cleaning out my not so organized make up bag. you know that we all have the random samples junked up at the bottom of our bags covered with sediments of who knows what and powder that at some point exploded...that was enough for me. i had to restock some key "every day" items in my make up bag and i was determined before i opened my packages, i would be cleaning out my make up bag! what a great feeling! not only did each item get evaluated for the "keep" and "toss" piles, but those that were kept were wiped down, opened up & cleaned on the insides and placed back in their new home!

phew! i encourage everyone to do this! it feels so good to stick your hand in a make up bag and not have to immediately wash it!
everything dumped out
after all cleaned up! 

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