Thursday, September 19

SURPRISE...Joe's 30!

As the planner in the family very little comes as a surprise to me so I find a true delight in surprising others and doing special things! Joe turned 30 earlier this month and we were both looking forward to Wilson's 3rd birthday party! To Joe, Sunday the 15th was going to be Wilson's big party at the house. Instead on Saturday evening when I was "babysitting" Joe got a call from William [Bonnie's hubby] saying that they weren't going out anymore and that him, William, Sanders & Jeff should all come over and hang out.

Joe was directed downstairs and the party began! MONTHS upon months of planning and work went into this party by so many people and it was a success! He is still looking at me saying how surprised he was...victory!!! Now Wilson wants to know where his bouncy castle is for his 3rd birthday!!!

Cake: My Sweet Things
Custom Decor: Crafty Little Piggie
Monogrammed Koozies: Sew What
Invitations: Invitations on Pine
Growler Tasting: The Beer Growler Brookhaven

Koozies by Sew What

beautiful hosts!!!
cake by My Sweet Thing

the late-night fam photo...gram loves to rage! :) 
so special to have these people come from so far away!!!!

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  1. Fabulous Ali! You are amazing at party planning!!!! The pics are fantastic :)