Wednesday, December 4

my first sweater!

if you know me at all you know that i love knitting & needlepoint & crafts & paint & organizing & planning anything...everything that involves me putting all of myself into something in order to complete it, i love [middle child...habitual fixer...type-A extraordinaire].

knitting is my selfish gift to myself. aside from my husband's aunt jean i have yet to make something for someone other than myself. this does not include the [secret] box of baby blankets in the basement for no baby in particular which will eventually be gifted to just the right sweet bundle of joy.

this was no exception. i am so proud of myself that i knit my first sweater! my favorite knit shop in atlanta (lovin' knit) helped me get the confidence to do it! using a purlbee pattern & madelinetosh "tosh sport" yarn i got started!

this took months [according to my ravelry page i started it on 2/13/2013] although i of course had many many other items i was working on while doing it. i officially finished over thanksgiving and started the blocking process Sunday [see below with the soaking & wool wash]. i am so excited and will post a photo of me wearing it in action this weekend hopefully!

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